Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Half A Pigeon VI

I was fortunate enough to be asked to draw the new Pigeon logo and here it is on the cover of the beautifully hand cut issue VI!!! I have no idea who drew the bird but it is rather fetching. I must apologize for the state of my scanner, it appears to have collected a few beard hairs in the past week....!?


t h r 3 3 d e s i g n s said...

oh i really like this..i love the cut out feather action..is this just a scan?

the ghost of christmas somethingorother.. said...

I was about to congratulate you for a fabulous bird.. turns out it's not yours..

oh well..

the type is coming along nicely though..

soon we'll all have individual typefaces.. n_n

Kev Winter said...

Thanks guys! yeah its just a scan of the cover. The badge kind of separated it from the glass which kept the cut outs looking nice. x
and yeah its all about the type!!

my name is Siobhan said...

is this your work winter, i love it, i mean obviously I LOVE IT, but also...check this out http://www.helenfriel.co.uk/ this girl just sent me her work to look at for our mag, the paper feather effect must be spreading fast! i like this one a bit better though cos of the black, well done you! you gonna do an animation for good ship ting?xx

Kev Winter said...

no i just did the logo the birds hers, you have solved the mystery shiv!! i guess matt and emma tried to get the feather effect as she did but they had to do like 50 covers for the first print run so obviously its not as detailed and nice as hers. I like her stuff allot its lovely! Im gonna attempt an animation but im well busy this month with zines and gigs i hope i can submit something. x

Helga said...

i like this drawing :)other works also are interesting, but this little bird..:-O